in the coffee.

i love slim and slam. plus, scatman crothers on drums!

Elvers are entering the building...

Elvers is now the name for the trio formerly known as Watson, Marsh and May. After months of neglect, we've finally sorted out the results of the recording we did last year. This should be out as a digital release on Forwind 'ere long. Meanwhile, we'll be playing at Scaledown next Friday...

oops, did that in proper capitalisation.

oh. brilliant.

from 6 Music News -

Airlines will not be forced to allow musicians to carry large instruments on to planes, the government has said...


you'd think this confederacy of dunces could manage at least one policy that didn't piss me off.

meanwhile, on the landscape channel

i shot this on the way back from dublin a month or two back. the music is from a couple of years back - lap steel and fairydust.

neptune is mars

winter songs

i've just done a podcast for forwind, featuring some top pop hits by the likes of polwechsel, marcus schmickler and toru takemitsu. it's a floorfiller and no mistake. you can get it here.