i hid my yo yo in the garden

for sarah. i'd forgotten how dreadful the cloudbusting video was. it's bonkers, but not in a good way. as appealing as kate is, i'd always prefer to listen to the music without watching her looking startled in a leotard or poncing around in a tutu and tights. or even pretending to be a 12 year old boy with donald sutherland. i have somewhere a dvd of kate's bbc special back in nineteen-grandad. here's a taste of the horrors on offer.

so, best without the visuals then (even her albun covers were generally terrible). but hounds of love would have to be in my top 5 ever. the dreaming could probably be there too, come to think of it. the few times my mum complained about 'that awful noise coming from your room' i was invariably playing the dreaming very loud. it's a genuinely strange record. you wonder what happened to kate between never for ever and that one.

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