so goodbye 2009

good things in 2009

fennesz, dafeledecker, brandlmayr on cd/the unthanks at brighton komedia/watson, marsh and may at scaledown/lucy jane generally/clang sayne cd/clang sayne cd launch at cafe oto (ist half)/bj nilsen/sonnamble/flight of the conchords series 2/let the right one in/schnittke at the qeh/sonnamble and platform and watson at the fleapit/the necks at the union chapel/the bleedin' internet/playing with paul may. a lot./the neat at reading festival/peter broderick at the union chapel/bbc four/rick jensen trio at macondo/clang sayne at the slaughtered lamb
bevan, lash, marks, obermayer at cafe oto/cafe oto/oasis splitting up/the rest is noise

not so good things in 2009

john martyn r.i.p./bat for lashes at the roundhouse/no red rose or anything to replace it. flim flam in trouble/bbc three/clang sayne cd launch at cafe oto (2nd half)/animal collective/
the bleedin' internet/led bib/festivals/the prospect of oasis related solo albums


Matt said...

I like the image of the bleedin' internet, what would its blood taste/look like? ': 'Agh, the internet has just bled all over me, get me a tissue would you'.

Peter said...

i think it would taste of disappointment.

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