clang sayne on resonance

the other saturday night, three quarters of clang sayne (james was stuck in new york due to icelandic volcanic stuff) trundled off to borough high street to resonance fm for a live session on jonny mugwump's exotic pylon show. we were paired with time attendant and i am a vowel who were armed with a whole range of electronic and noise producing gadgetry, plus occasional field recordings and spoken word interventions from jonny. the brief was to do what we liked with an understanding that we'd sort of alternate between units a bit. it was quite an enjoyable session, though at times it felt a bit clunky. this was mainly because there were two (or maybe more than two) very different aesthetics at work. but when we found the mid-points, it was kind of sweet. a listen to the podcast reveals subtleties i certainly wasn't aware of at the time...our bit starts around 35 minutes in.

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