Neptune Is Mars

Neptune Is Mars - Beyond Science

this is a new trio. this was recorded at our second or third rehearsal. i suppose what we do could be called psychedelic electric jazz but it's sometimes acoustic and not really jazz or psychedelic either. but here it is.

the guitarist is grahame painting. who used to be in family fodder, baby fox and others and has played on records by daryl hall and, er, sonia. i think the guitar/drums dialogue is rather sweet on this.

me and paul may are the rhythm pals.


Matthew said...

Pete, this is bloody lovely stuff. tell me when you are gigging. I will turn up with a keyboard and a sawn-off shotgun and not let anyone leave the room till you have let me sit in.

by the way, guitars are also part of the rhythm section. you ask that nice mr shipton.

Peter said...

it's a deal. glad you like it!

oh, like alyn shipton knows ANYTHING...

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