Wyatt Riot

I've been listening to this excellent podcast from The Wire, where Robert Wyatt talks to Tony Herrington about...well, everything, really. There are few people on the planet who appear as sincere, honest, self deprecating and insightful as Mr Wyatt, and he's one of those musicians who inspires something approaching love in my withered old heart (not just because we're from the same neck of the woods). His music seems to have been with me for ever, which I suppose it has.

I was going to write a long rambling post about my favourite Wyatt moments etc but instead I'll just quote Andie, who said the other night that his voice reminded her of 'an Autumnal hug'. I think that just about sums it up. Gawd bless 'im.


Garuda said...

Remember us meeting him in the 6Music lounge? Fanboys ;-)

Peter said...

I don't think I was there...but he sent me a postcard once!

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